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Jethro Jones: Welcome to a vision for
learning on the B podcast network.

This is the podcast that ventures deep
into the mindblowing realm of augmented

reality and virtual reality and education.

If you're interested in redesigning
the future of education,

you've come to the right place.

I'm your host transformative principal,
Jethro Jones, founder of the B podcast

network and educational ruckus maker.

I've been working to change
education for my whole career.

Ever since I started blogging with my
students in the early two thousands.

In this series, we don't
just scratch the surface.

We dive headfirst into the
groundbreaking potential of devices.

Like the apple vision pro.

We'll explore how they're
revolutionizing both individual

and classroom learning experiences.

And the journey doesn't stop there
alongside a broad exploration

of the AR VR landscape.

We delve into specific applications in
the sector of learning and education.

From immersive virtual excursions
that transport students from their

classrooms to other continents.

To engaging interactions with anatomical
structures for medical students.

To individual learning.

Long after someone has
left traditional schooling.

Each episode invites you into
a world where education is

transformed by technology.

But this isn't just about
technology for technology sake.

This is about redesigning our
education system to be adaptive and

personalized for our students and
the future they are growing up in.

We'll bring in to the conversation
data from the front lines of

this educational revolution.

You'll hear from founders, innovative
developers, passionate educators.

They all take center stages.

We discussed the diverse use cases,
the challenges, the victories.

And the future of apple vision
pro and AR and VR in schools.

Together, we'll uncover the tremendous
power of AR and VR as we re-imagine

the future of education together.

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That's a vision for learning.com.

This show is a member of the
B podcast network podcasts.

That help you go beyond education.

Learn more@bpodcastnetwork.com.

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Jethro Jones
Jethro Jones
Author of #SchoolX #how2be Co-Founder of @bepodcastNet, the best education podcasts out there.
A Vision For Learning Trailer