AI Enhanced Classrooms with Bonnie Nieves

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In this episode we talk about an AI enhanced classroom. 
  • Using AI as a coplanner
  • Suggestions on activities you could do. 
  • The AI is really trying to make you happy. 
  • How to iterate to get the AI to do the things you want it to.
  • Whether we need prompting skills today or not?
  • The power of collaborating. 
  • Watching prompt engineers do their work 
  • It’s very natural language, rather than a strict programming language.
  • Diffit and SchoolAI are great AI solutions out there. 
  • Laurisa Black

About Bonnie Nieves
Bonnie Nieves has an M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction & Educational Leadership. She is a high school teacher in Massachusetts, a science and edtech consultant, presenter, and author. Bonnie is the founder of Educate On Purpose coaching where she provides online courses and virtual and in-person professional development training for schools and individuals.
AI Enhanced Classrooms with Bonnie Nieves