Integrating AI in Education with Lauren Owens

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In this episode, Jethro interviews Lauren Owens and they discuss her journey from teaching Spanish and student leadership to her current role as the executive Director of Technology at Agua Fria, where she has played a significant role in integrating artificial intelligence into schools. 

Lauren shares her insights on the indispensability of merging technology with curriculum and the importance of AI literacy in education. 

She stresses that AI has been part of educational systems for decades and highlights the necessity for creating frameworks like the AI care model (clarity, accuracy, relevance, ethics) and the stoplight system (red, yellow, green) to guide safe and effective AI use among educators and students. 

Furthermore, Lauren talks about the efforts to prepare students for the workforce through academy models and project-based learning, emphasizing digital mindfulness. 

She also discusses the challenges and learning experiences encountered in promoting AI integration within school systems, suggesting that broader inclusion and engagement could enhance these initiatives.

00:32 Key Takeaways from the Conversation on AI in Education
02:00 The Importance of AI Literacy in Education
03:28 Challenges and Strategies in Implementing AI in Schools
08:30 Creating a Framework for AI Literacy Among Teachers
14:54 Launching AI Literacy for Students: Plans and Expectations
19:36 Reflecting on the Journey and Future Steps
Integrating AI in Education with Lauren Owens