Learning Through Dabbl Discovery with Ryan Palmbaum

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This simulcast episode of Transformative Principal and A Vision for Learning features Ryan Palmbaum, founder and CEO of Dabbl Discovery, which is an educational platform offering bite-sized video learning aimed at helping people explore new interests and career paths through content created by experts across various industries. 

Ryan, an ex-collegiate and professional soccer player who lived in over ten countries before turning 20, discusses the importance of broad learning and not solely specializing in one area. 

He emphasizes the value of becoming a 'jack of all trades' to connect disparate industries and opportunities. The platform prioritizes verified, quality content from educators and experts, employing a vetting process for creators. 

Ryan also outlines how Dabbl boosts the learning experience through an adaptive algorithm and gamification, distinguishing it from other social media platforms by providing a more fulfilling and educational consumption experience. 

The conversation touches upon the broader future of learning, envisioning a pivot towards more specialized, less time-consuming learning paths and the importance of exploring a wide range of career opportunities at an early age. 

Overall, the discussion underscores personal responsibility in learning and the potential of platforms like Dabble Discovery to transform how individuals explore and engage with educational content.

00:45 Meet Ryan: From Soccer Player to EdTech Innovator

03:52 The Philosophy Behind Dabbl Discovery

05:33 The Importance of Micro Learning and Expert Content

07:27 Personalizing Learning with Dabbl Discovery

10:51 Keeping Learning Engaging and Fun

12:11 Comparing Dabbl to Other Platforms and the Future of Learning

16:32 Ryan's Vision for the Future of Learning and Closing Thoughts

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Learning Through Dabbl Discovery with Ryan Palmbaum