One Week in with The Vision Pro

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Welcome to A Vision for Learning on the BeatPodcast Network. I'm your host, Jethro Jones. Download the top 10 learning apps for Apple Vision Pro at Thanks for tuning in. Today, we discuss my experience one week after getting the Apple Vision Pro.

A few things to note: First, it's not uncomfortable wearing it all day. Surprising, since I don't even like glasses. Second, my eyes get tired only when watching videos, like YouTube or movies. Another odd negative – sometimes it feels like suction cups on my eyes and leaves bags when I remove the headset.

On a positive note, productivity is excellent. Using it for productivity is fantastic; having a Mac virtual display and connecting to my computer is game-changing. The "locking in" aspect also proves powerful, making it harder to be distracted.

Some people complain about the guest mode. I never thought it would mean multiple users on the device. Would I like more users? Absolutely! It'd be great if my wife could switch profiles like on Apple TV and access her stuff with her iCloud account. But I never expected that, so guest mode seems nice to me.
I can say, hey, no need to worry about someone using this. They can try it out, use the apps I provide, and move on. Resetting it after each use is a feature and, for schools, setting it up for each kid makes sense, giving them access while keeping it safe.

This next piece is funny—the Apple Studio Display from a couple years ago seemed too expensive, but now I've paid $3,500 for another monitor. The Apple Vision Pro outshines it in many ways: multiple windows, immersive space—I love it.

I look forward to multi-touch and using more than just my pointer finger. However, I've mis-tapped unintentionally since I don't usually think about finger placement on a screen. It's more about learning and understanding.

While controllers have their benefits, not needing to suit up and lock in is great. An immersive environment with 10 fingers will be cool. Multi-touch is coming—allowing all 10 fingers to interact with screens will be nice when it arrives.

Lastly, the app selection remains weak for now. But as immersive virtual reality develops, we'll see more apps designed specifically for it.
In immersive iPad apps, it engulfs everything as expected. Developers must discern when this approach is suitable or not. Many apps in the app store don't make sense for the Vision Pro, except for some three-dimensional features.

For instance, OmniPlan 4, a powerful project management app. I've used it before, but it didn't fit my thought process and wasn't beneficial for me. A multitude of apps in the store don't seem fitting for the Vision Pro and might not need to be one.

Regarding Microsoft's involvement with Vision Pro apps, I'd say there isn't much novelty.
Not really. There's not. Something like Node, for example, is an excellent idea for an Apple Vision Pro app because, in theory, if it becomes immersive, your line map can fill up your entire space, which could be cool. Sadly, that's not what they've done. They've just made it a window with Vision Pro elements. I think they'll likely adapt and change it to fill the entire area. But do you want that immersive or access other windows simultaneously? These questions need answers.

Another thing about apps, especially iPad apps unoptimized for Vision Pro, is that tap targets don't always work the same. You can't always get reactions, like tapping not working all the time. It can be frustrating. But again, this takes time to happen, and we're waiting.

For example, here's a great app designed for the Apple Vision Pro: timer Pomodoro. It puts a timer in your physical space and counts down without taking up room. You can move it behind you to check the time left. That app is cool.

There are apps that make sense and are better in this setting than others. One tool I like is Crouton—an app I use weekly to plan meals and use recipes. It's fantastic in this app because it looks nice. Is it necessarily better in the Vision Pro than other things? Not really, but there are nicely done features I enjoy.

Again, do I want that one to be immersive? No, better as a window. Deciding which apps are immersive and which aren't is essential.
I believe the screen size naturally limits what we can do. I'm quite interested in this. After a week, I'm enjoying it and think it's cool. Excited to see the creativity people bring to this platform.

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By doing that, you'll also be notified when new podcasts are released. Some of these apps are iPad apps not yet optimized, but maybe they will be soon.

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  • (00:00) - One week with the vision pro
  • (01:27) - Comfort
  • (03:13) - Productivity
  • (04:41) - Guest Mode
  • (07:05) - Display
  • (08:04) - Tapping and Interaction
  • (11:07) - App Ecosystem: The Good and The Bad
  • (11:47) - Immersive Experiences: Yes or No?
  • (16:25) - Ten Best Apps

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One Week in with The Vision Pro