Pre-Prompting AI with Tim Desmond

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In this episode of Vision for Learning, host Jethro Jones talks with Tim Desmond, a seasoned educator, entrepreneur, and writer with over 25 years of experience in educational innovation. Tim is the founder of New Educator AI, a platform aimed at preparing educational leaders for the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in education. The conversation delves into the evolution of AI technology, its impact on the educational landscape, and strategies for incorporating AI effectively in teaching and learning. They discuss the importance of directing AI creatively to generate engaging content, the potential of AI to democratize education, and the short-term challenges and long-term benefits of integrating AI into educational practices. Tim underscores the importance of active involvement and adaptability in navigating the AI era in education, while also highlighting the role of AI in enhancing personalized learning and the need for a paradigm shift in our approach to using AI tools.
  • The cycle of technology and education
  • How AI is going to affect education.
  • Push-button creativity
  • Becoming a director of AI
  • Learning growing and getting better all the time. 
  • Pre prompt with my own writing.
  • Custom pre-prompt for each prompt.
  • Instead of your first prompt asking chatGPT to do something, ask what it needs to accomplish the task needing to be done. 
  • Aspects of teaching that will disappear in the long term. 

About Tim Desmond
Tim Desmond is a career educator and entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience innovating in education. He is the owner of Thorn Publishing LLC and the founder of New Educator AI.

New Educator AI is dedicated to preparing educational leaders for the AI era, ensuring future generations are adept in using AI safely and responsibly.

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Pre-Prompting AI with Tim Desmond