Twitter Space About Local Software with Damon Hargraves

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In this discussion, Jethro and Damon dive into the use of progressive web apps (PWAs) and local hosting of educational tools to create safer and more controlled learning environments. 

They touch upon their personal experiences with AI, the benefits and functionalities of PWAs, and specifically discuss a tool called Audio Pen AI. 

Further, they explore the concept of hosting educational chats and software locally, using examples like Campfire by 37 Signals, to prevent unnecessary exposure to the internet for students. 

The conversation also covers the potential for schools to adopt locally hosted software for educational purposes, ensuring a safer, more reliable, and financially sensible approach to student technology usage.

01:02 The Future of Software Development

02:31 Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

05:20 Localized Educational Tools

05:45 Creating a Safe Digital Environment for Students

08:33 The Potential of Local Networks in Schools

24:45 Educational Software and Data Privacy
Twitter Space About Local Software with Damon Hargraves