Blending Traditional Education with AI's Potential with Aaron Makelky

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This episode of 'A Vision for Learning' features a discussion with Aaron Makelky, a high school social studies teacher and entrepreneur from Casper, Wyoming, about the future of learning and the integration of artificial intelligence into education. 

Aaron shares insights from his experiments with using ChatGPT in classroom assignments, emphasizing the role of AI in automating tedious tasks and allowing teachers and students to focus on deeper learning. 

He advocates for a shift from traditional teaching methods to incorporating AI tools to prepare students for their future careers. 

The episode also touches on the potential of teachers leveraging their extensive networks for professional growth and the importance of educators embracing new technologies as experiments to enhance the learning experience.

00:23 Introducing Aaron Makelky: A Teacher's Journey into AI and Entrepreneurship

02:11 Aaron's Entrepreneurial Shift and the Value of Time

06:00 Leveraging AI in Education: Aaron's Experiments and Insights

17:43 The Future of Education: Embracing AI and Beyond

32:58 Connecting with Aaron McKey and Final Thoughts

  • Every habit is a vote for the future person
  • Our web of networks and how that
  • Going to use AI to do everything in class. 
  • Who can do the work better?
  • Garbage in, Garbage out.
  • Within a couple weeks, students had seen it.
  • Can I do it, too? 
  • What is the purpose of that assignment? 
  • What real learning do you want your students to experience?
  • Teachers had their world blown 
  • Is the learning to go to the library and research? 
  • Or is the learning to learn how to research? 
  • Beyond the curriculum, so many organic skills. 
  • Leveling text is super simple, now. 
  • Students can take control of their own learning
  • The future of education: rowing a rowboat and getting passed by a jetboat. 
  • Chasing things that have always been a problem and so focused on chasing those little things. 
  • Kids love it when you walk in and say “do you want to try something new today?”
  • How do you turn something that is so slow? 
  • How many schools have policies for staff and students around AI? 
  • Education is set up on different incentives.
  • There is something outside of the snowglobe. Within the ecosystem of public ed, it’s not going to happen. 
  • The best people that teach these things in the new world are those that teach new and different things around
  • Experimentation as learning. 
  • Movement snacks
  • It’s already an experimentation
  • “Preparing all students for their next steps”
  • Advice for someone getting pushback. 
  • Unless you are preparing your students to be factory workers, you’ve got to do something different. 
  • Teachers are afraid to take risks to take advantage of it. 
  • Principals are too busy with other tasks to try new things. 
  • Allow students to lead. 

AI in Schools, lack of policies, experimenting with teaching students to use AI, lessons learned. A vision for the future of education

**About Aaron Makelky**
Aaron Makelky, a husband, father of three, leader, and teacher, holds a successful career in public education and coaching. Based in Casper, Wyoming, he currently teaches high school social studies and embarked on a business venture in December of 2023. In his newfound entrepreneurial pursuit, he has immersed himself into the world of consulting and online business, delving into the Vision Pursue's Performance Mindset for athletes and coaches.

Aaron relishes the opportunity to explore technology, aiding his students in harnessing its potential. In the spring of 2023, he utilized Chat GPT in his own class assignments to gain a thorough understanding of its applications. He encourages his students to leverage writing tutors and custom chatbots, which he has been experimenting with since the fall of 2023. Aaron actively crowdsources his teaching methods from his students, integrating hands-on learning strategies and simulations, along with Spotify playlists for most of his lessons. He recognizes the crucial role of preparing students for their futures, acknowledging the need for transformation within the public education system.

Blending Traditional Education with AI's Potential with Aaron Makelky