Mindset Shifts Needed for this New World

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This podcast, hosted by Jethro Jones, explores the scope of learning in the future and delves into various aspects of emerging technologies in education, particularly the Apple Vision Pro and Artificial Intelligence. Among the principal concerns discussed is the balance between technological advancements and maintaining personal connection with students. The discussion also elaborates on the capabilities and potential of the Apple Vision Pro, augmented reality applications, and other possible adaptations to new platforms. Jones urges a paradigm shift from traditional mindsets, advocating for thinking 'outside the box' when embracing these advancements.

Two videos and a Link to check out:
Video: Spatial F1 broadcast app - it's aabout the mindset needed for these apps.
Who's already using VR in schools? Matt Chaussee on Transformative Principal: CareerViewXR
Concern and Mindset Shift
Concern: losing the personal connection.
Mindset Shift: Think outside the box. What practical thing can I do tomorrow?

  • (00:00) - What to Expect
  • (01:41) - Exploring the Apple Vision Pro and AI in Education
  • (03:11) - The Power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Learning
  • (05:40) - The Need for a Shift in Mindset
  • (08:35) - What is Practical?

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Creators and Guests

Jethro Jones
Jethro Jones
Author of #SchoolX #how2be Co-Founder of @bepodcastNet, the best education podcasts out there.
Mindset Shifts Needed for this New World