Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro [VIDEO]

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I got the Apple Vision Pro and did an unboxing video. You may want to watch at this link.

  • (00:00) - Unboxing Vision Pro
  • (01:36) - All the unboxing!
  • (04:31) - What is the Apple Vision Pro
  • (06:34) - Where the Weight rests
  • (07:16) - Speakers
  • (07:45) - Trying it on the first time
  • (10:00) - Persona
  • (11:28) - Screen sharing Video
  • (11:59) - On Screen Keyboard
  • (12:36) - Getting Hot, sweating
  • (12:43) - Siri Ball is Amazing
  • (12:48) - Screen Captures

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Jethro Jones
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Unboxing the Apple Vision Pro [VIDEO]